WaterBonder: listed for pools and spas

About WaterBonder

While wiring a pool for a client in 2008, Tim Papageorge had an idea. Papageorge, a licensed electrician with 16+ years of experience, realized that it would be possible to easily bond pool water. The Electrical Inspector, seeing the potential of the product, encouraged Papageorge to get the idea patented.

The WaterBonder was born.

That same year the National Electric Code created a new standard requiring all pool water to be bonded. Massachusetts was first to adopt the new code. Since then, 38 states have followed. The WaterBonder complies with the new code rules.

A good resource for recently adopted electrical code standards on a state-by-state basis is Mike Holt's site, National Electrical Code Internet Connection.

The WaterBonder is a universal pool bonding fitting that is UL listed for pools and spas. It’s easy to install. No drilling or alteration is required, so warranties are not affected. The WaterBonder is easily disconnected in the winter and reconnected in the summer.

The WaterBonder I is designed for above-ground and in-ground pools. The WaterBonder II is designed for hard pipe installations, if needed.

Low water level due to leaks and evaporation does not affect The WaterBonder’s ability to keep its bond. The WaterBonder will not leak due to seasonal temperature changes or connection with materials that expand and contract at different rates.

Keep your pool safe with The WaterBonder. Install one today!